Company Overview

Company Overview

Who Is Get You Online?

Let’s face it, computers aren’t going anywhere. Just about every device can be considered a computer, whether it is a smart TV, watch, or a phone. Couple that with the fact that the internet isn’t going anywhere and you have the perfect combination of why we do what we do.

While we are at it, we are not a we. We are a one man show (for now). I have a vision, and it is not one of world (or net) domination, it is to provide services that I enjoy doing, client orientated, and sharing that with the public.

I’m just a real guy, offering a real service, who just so happens to love what I do. I cherish my time with my friends and family, am into the Patriots, and love my home town. I grew up in the 80’s (rock on hair metal!), played outside with my friends, roller skated, rode bikes, played in the mud, and built forts.

I worked odd jobs ranging from sweeping shop floors, to fixing 18-wheelers, and finally working with computers and development.

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