Managed VPS Hosting

Managed VPS Hosting
Managed VPS Hosting

Our VPS servers are available in 15 locations worldwide, spanning North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. And best of all, getting your hosting infrastructure closer to your customer base does not require any long term contracts.

By design, a VPS hosting service is designed to closely mimic the features and functionality of a dedicated server solution. Although your server is a virtual machine, or VM, it should behave exactly in the same way as a dedicated server, with allocated system resources, dependable performance, and full system access.

However, control means responsibility. Much like in a dedicated server hosting plan, VPS hosting users are usually left in charge of their own server. Not here at Get You Online. With over 20 years IT and 15 years development experience, we take care of everything for you.

So… what are you waiting for? Let us help Get You Online today!

Ultimate Security

Secured by hardware, software, and web app firewalls; coupled with antivirus software your site is safe with us.

Ultimate Stability

Weekly server updates coupled with global data-centers ensure the highest uptime for your sites.

Highest Performance

High performance nGinx web server software coupled with Google’s Pagespeed modules and microcaching ensures an extremely performant web site experience.

Speedy Networking

We offer a quality low latency experience by utilizing only premium carriers in all of our locations, continuously optimizing our routing and peering in all of our regions.

Web Optimized

Our server software and custom control panel ensure your site is optimized for delivery, regularly updated, and secure.

Reliable Backups

We image all of our servers nightly, as well as keep cloud based file backups of all accounts on our servers.

Managed VPS Hosting

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