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Can I copy content from another website?


We really frown upon this.  People put in alot of work to create the perfect content for their online presence.  If you have permission to use another website or publications content, we will require you to provide written consent from the publisher as well as their contact information so we can verify.

Any copyright infringement will result in immediate termination, so it would be best to procure the permission prior to implementing it in your site.

Can I sue you, if I get sued?

Sorry, but no.  Per our terms of service (to which all of our clients agree to before signing up for our services) we are protected from any legal action taken against you, or your company.  If we are pursued, any and all litigation will be performed in the State of Massachusetts and may incurr passing our legal fees to you.

Can I use purchased imagery, fonts, etc on my site?

Of course, provided you send us the proper license and proof of purchase.  We also require a valid contact of the originator in case we need to verify.

Please note, any copyright infringement will result in immediate termination of the offending account, so it would be best to procure the information priot to implentation.

How do I cancel my account?

Please send an email to support@getyou.onl, or start a ticket with the subject line: “Account Account”

Please include, your account name and the date you would like it to be effective on.  Please remember, all of our services do require 30 days notice.

Also, if you do not mind, please include the reason you are cancelling in case there is anything we can do to better our services.

How do I register for support?

You do not necessarily need to register anywhere for support from us.  We have a few options for you.

  1. You can call us at the number at the top of both the support site, and our home page.
  2. You can send an email to us @ support@getyou.onl
  3. You can register here.

To register here, you can click on the ‘Login’ link in the main menu, or you can click the ‘Submit Ticket’ button on the home page.

In the popup, there is a registration form on the right, just fill it out and hit ‘Register’.

Our system will email you a confirmation, so please be on the lookout for it.  Also please note, you may need to whitelist us with your email provider.

How do I see my orders?

On Get You Online Support

  • In the site’s main navigation bar, click on the ‘Your Account’ link, then ‘Login’
  • Login to the site using your username and password from either site.
  • Once you are done, click the same ‘Your Account’ link, then click ‘Your Orders’

On Get You Online

  • In the site’s main navigation bar, click on the ‘Account’ link, then ‘Your Cart’
  • Login to the site using your username and password from either site.
  • Once you are done you can either click the green ‘Your Orders’ button, or click the ‘Account’ link like above and click ‘Your Orders’

What happens if I suspect my account has been compromised?

Please, Please, Please send us an email, or give us a call.

Any of our email addresses will do:

support@getyou.onl, info@getyou.onl, or even email Kevin personally @ kevin@getyou.onl

Do not attempt to login to your account!  We will take care of that for you, once you contact us.

We’d rather keep you safe, than have any information get stolen from you, if you do attempt to login.

When can I expect my site to get updated?

We automate the process of updating the WordPress Core software.  We perform a check once a week, and if needed will update then.

All WordPress Core updates are security and bug fixes, so in order to keep your site, as well as our servers secure, we will not turn off this “feature” by default, however, we can make special circumstances to our client who contact us directly and request the feature turned off.  This feature is included as a service to all of our clients, and there is no extra charge for this.

By default, we will not update any plugins, however, there may be times when we will need to contact our clients as a result of a security patch to a particular plugin, which can result in a number of things taking place ranging from having our client contract us to perform the update, to automatically disabling the plugin.

Please note, we do this to keep your site, and our servers secure, and is required by us for just this purpose.

When do you perform updates?

We have an automated system to run server updates on a weekly basis.  If the server needs to get restarted as a result of any of these updates, we will send you a notification a week ahead of time, and will not perform the restart during normal business hours. (To cover all of our US clients, we consider normal business hours 8AM EST – 8PM EST)

Typically, a server restart only takes a few minutes to complete, but during those few minutes any services the server performs will be offline, resulting in “scheduled downtime”

Why should I use Wordpress?

  1. It’s already mobile ready

    Most WordPress themes are ready for the mobile web right out of the box. No need for additional customization, or investing thousands of dollars into a custom built website that’s designed to work with mobile browsers.

    Using a responsive theme will ensure your website looks great, no matter the screen size it’s displayed on. This means that as new screen sizes are introduced and become the new norms your website will be equipped to handle them, without any more work on your part.

  2. It’s a mature platform

    WordPress is over 10 years old. Which is like 100 in Internet years. The benefit of using a more mature platform is that most of the kinks have already been worked out. You’ll also notice that since it’s been out for so long a lot of the security issues have been patched.

    Put simply, WordPress wouldn’t have thrived for as long as it has, if it wasn’t effective and useful.

  3. It powers over 25% of all websites in the world

Need we say more?

What is the difference between bandwidth and transfer?

Data Transfer

Data transfer refers to the total amount of bytes of data a server transfers to a particular website in a given period of time. Most hosting plans measure the amount of data transferred across a server over a 30 day or one month period.


Bandwidth is a term that precedes servers, computers and all digital technologies. Bandwidth was first used in analog tools and devices to submit radio transmission signals, acoustic signals and other types of signals. In computing, bandwidth refers to the maximum amount of data that is transferable in a given period of time.

At Get You Online, we do not throttle your servers/sites bandwidth at any time.

Can you design me a new logo?

Of course!

We’ll work with you to figure out your brand and style that fits your company/business. Once we have a good scheme in place we’ll start on the basic imagery for it, get your input, then make the necessary modifications until your brand is perfected.

What is Wordpress Management?

We use the term “Management” pretty loosely here, it can mean anything from content updates to custom development to WordPress core and plugin updates.

Ultimately it boils down to a chunk of hours that you can use towards anything you need done to your site, at a less expensive rate than our normal development fees.

Why is this so important?

Technology, especially web based technologies, evolve exponentially just about every day. In order to mitigate the latest attacks, keep up with latest trends, and keep your site looking fresh, you need a maintenance/management plan.

Whether it is to simply keep WordPress core up to date, all the plugins you may be using up to date, or even a design refreshing.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting basically means we take care of everything server-side & networking. Each account we host is a Virtual Private Server, so there is no sharing of resources between clients.

We take care of all server hardware, updates, security patches, and firewalls to ensure your site(s) are running at their optimal potential and stay as secure as possible.

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